Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fine weather, at the very least

It's back to school time in the local area, and the various schools are just now putting things together for band programs.  It's a change from the district where I grew up.  Back there and then, I picked up a horn near the beginning of the summer, had classes with the retired band directors on the elementary school's front lawn in the hot months, then started the fall ready to fall in to band class.

It's done different in Olathe, and so the shop where I work is hopping lithe and madly as the world beats a path to our gate.  I'm on track for fifty-five or sixty hours this week, though part of that is the automatic hours from the holiday on Monday.  I still went to work, so it made for a long day between employment and then a three hour rehearsal following fast after. 

At least I'm not the educational coordinator: that guy is everywhere.  I don't feel so bad for basically forcing him to take most of today off, as he'll be at the local fair booth on Saturday in "balance".

I hear this should be finished by October.  The end of October. 

Of 2014.

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  1. One could say that now you have well rounded perspective that being on both sides of a horn provides. Keep your nose to the grindstone, some air in your lungs and you lips primed for the reverse fluctuation of pressure funneled through a mouthpiece.

    The show must go on!