Saturday, September 18, 2010

20,000 Visitors! (give or take)

My blog had it's 20,000th visit yesterday around noon.  The visit consisted of someone arriving from Google to find the entries where I mentioned the Aryan Nation couple who named their child after a certain Chaplin-mustached dictator whose name sounds like Anolf Spitler.

In a very real way, that's sort of a representative visit.  I get a variety of single-page visitors thanks to the indexing might of Google and other search engines.  It also allows people to arrive having searched for the afor-unmentioned German who then promptly search my site for "sex".  Words cannot express the curiosity I feel about the general web-surfing behavior of those individuals.

Returning to much more relevant things, I want to thank all of the you's who are reading this, as it's probably not your first visit to my virtual abode.  And while this statistic is definitely NOT completely accurate because I didn't start this counter with the beginning of the site AND it doesn't take into account every visitor, I still feel a swell of appreciation that I've had at the very least 20,000 visitors.

Now it's time to head in for a special Saturday edition of work!

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