Thursday, August 05, 2010

Girl, Uninterrupted

I went to dinner with a woman earlier this week.  I took a bit of ribbing for it at work, mostly because she called the shop after I accidentally answered my cell phone with my thigh the first time she called.  I was briefly teased about the "hot date", which may very well have something to do with why I don't bring that sort of thing up normally.  In this case, I didn't bring it up but I did answer some questions in the presence of workers who guessed what was happening based on my side of the conversation.

The two of us had a nice dinner, before which I did something extraordinary: I turned all the notifications on my phone to "silent".

She didn't say anything about that specifically, but the two of us did enjoy a great meal and serious conversation for two hours, which must have meant her phone was also silent.  I did receive a text message during that time, but had no idea.  It was work-related, but not critical.  I left the ringer on, so that if something terrible HAD happened, people would have been able to get in touch with me.

I know, for example, that if my mother were to fall down a well, she'd call -- she wouldn't bother to send texts or email.  Of course, my mom doesn't live near a well, nor does she have a cell phone, so this the greatest hypothetical situation I think I've ever conjured up.

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