Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do Brangelinas Dream of Purple Jeggings?

Massive apologies to the memory of Philip K. Dick for the title.

There was a Yahoo news story today about the rise of "jeggings", which is apparently a cross between women's jeans and stretch-leggings.  Leggings always remind me of those unaware 80's films like "Weird Science" where women wear leggings and it was supposed to be sexy at the time.  It always looks horrendously dated to me (which probably has something to do with me not being old enough to care about women in movies when the 80's was happening), but I'm not on the cutting edge of fashion.  Perhaps the 80's are back.

Accompanying the article was a gallery of famous women wearing the jeggings.  Not only had a never heard of the fashion, I didn't recognize any of the attractive women wearing them.  Brooke this or Audrina that.  And was one of them called Clive?  Hmm, maybe not.

Anyway, every six months or so I peek at the big table that is fashion.  I visit a couple of sites, see some snarky commentary on bad outfits or grudging acceptance of good outfits.  I get a few laughs, even though I don't really understand anything about why wraparound dresses are unflattering or why certain celebrities can't be trusted to dress themselves. I also can't be depended upon to recognize who anyone is from television series in the last 10 years. 

It's helpful for me to have an entire area about which I am positive I know nothing.  No matter how much or little time I devote to celebrity fashion, my knowledge never advances beyond "I think that's called a skirt."  It doesn't bother me that I know nothing about this sort of thing, because it's not something that intrudes into my daily life.  When I retained the knowledge of what a "shrug" was for longer than short-term, I tried to use it in conversation with disastrous results.  I asked if something was a shrug and got a small reprimand about how it wasn't a shrug because it fastened in the back -- a clothing piece that's called a slump.

Actually, it isn't called a slump, but I can't remember what that IS called.

I enjoy the fact that I don't know anything about this and a host of other topics.  Fish, for example.  I went to dinner with a woman recently and she ordered the tilapia.  I didn't even know what tilapia is -- turns out its a fish.  She was astounded that she knew something that I didn't.  I tried to explain that it is a fairly common circumstance, but she just couldn't seem to get over it.  She petted and patted the victory like a freshly-bought mall puppy.

Allow me to offer a non-comprehensive list of things I know next to nothing about:

Mechanical objects
Meeting new people
Political theory
Why children at the local middle school need iPhones

In short, people should never be afraid of the things they don't know.  Continuing to "not know" is a greater sin than carrying them around because they are not understood.

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  1. I too thought this style would be really bad looking but after seeing some picture I have really changed my tune. It is bold to think someone out there is trying to create a hybrid clothing statement with a mixture of these two things. You said it best that you should never be afraid of something that you dont know.