Sunday, June 06, 2010

Traffic Roundabout

Here's a graph of the incoming traffic to my site over the past year.  It represents the total site visits (in yellow) and the total number of page views (in red).  Basically, whenever someone loads a page on my blog, it adds a "visit".  If that same person closes the window and returns 21 minutes later, they're counted as a different visitor.  If that person visits and then moves their way through various other pages on the blog, loading each page less than 21 minutes after the last, those (and the initial view) count as "page views".

So a larger number of yellow indicates more visitors overall, while a larger number of red indicates more users who spend time reading (or so I assume).  The red is over and above the yellow number, since a single page visitor counts as both a yellow AND a red.  For reference, each colored background box in the graph represents 100.

Right now, I'm averaging 19 vistors per day.  You can see that I've been on an upward swing since November.  I'm not really sure what happened in November, other than my UK trip.  It might make sense if, because I was overseas and not updating, people may haven't bothered to visit, knowing I'd be gone.  Going through the post archive in the right column over there ------------------>,  I can see I wrote 7 entries in November 2009.  But I only wrote four in December, meaning it wasn't directly related to whether or not I actually published anything.

So far this month, I already have more than half the total number of visits from November, and we aren't even through the sixth day yet.  Also, somewhere between 5% to 20% of visitors each month are single-time people who fly through using the random blog button at the top.  Some of them stop long enough to do a search for "porn", "sex", "diapers", or "Bar Refaeli" before moving on.  Them's good people.  Now when they come through, they'll find this post.  Bwahahaha!

[It turns out that Bar Refaeli isn't an alehouse down the street from the Piazza Navona, but an Israeli supermodel.  She's received letters asking her to please avoid marrying a non-Jew for the good of Israel.  How touching!]

For all the rest of my visitors who don't arrive looking for pornography, thanks for coming!  I hope you continue to enjoy reading, and I hope you stay as far away as possible from porn-sex diapered supermodels.

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