Saturday, June 05, 2010

Brain Peek

In no particular order and with no particular emphasis, here's what I'm currently pondering.

-The nun who was immediately and automatically excommunicated for being involved in an abortion medical procedure, even though it saved the life of the mother.  No hurry on the chronic child molesters, though.

- Coming to the conclusion that I was justified in unflatteringly describing someone's character has been a long road.  I still reflexively feel it was wrong, though it has lead to less frustration all around.

- It's really strange when people crow too loudly about personal developments that might not meet with general approval.  When an entire city's contingent of your friends is utterly silent about your "big wonderful news", there may be trouble ahead.

- Man, could I go for some greek food.

- Hanging out with someone who has the same sense of humor as I do and who comes up with stuff that's hilarious to me on a regular basis is a wonderful gift.

- As far as attitudes go, I make a pretty good lightning rod while in company.

- It makes me laugh that one of the summer workers at the shop drives a late-model Accura.  And by "laugh", I mean "leak brine-laden sorrow from my anguish lenses".  

- Last and certainly NOT in order of importance, one of my most entertaining/writer friends has relaunched her blog.  I used to have an "other people who blog" column on the right side, but it has this nasty habit of corrupting whenever I temporarily try out new site design.  It's once again gone, I see.  But for those of you who remember that list, you'll remember the MightyMinx -- she now writes at

I enjoy her writing immensely, due in no small part to the both of us having been born under the influence of the government's prenatal self-deprecation booster shot program of the Carter presidency.  She also has a fantastic ability to get her ideas across to a lay audience, so that I feel conversant when she writes about things like high culture, moving one's body without looking like a moron, or how to teach kids things without hitting them -- three things about which I know nothing.

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