Monday, February 22, 2010

My Third (or First) Day

I kept my hands busy, which is basically what I was hoping for.  Also nothing caught on fire.  Well, some things did, but nothing that wasn't *supposed to* caught on fire.

I arrived to one of the other workers moving stuff out of my work area, saying "I'm going to take this bench because I need more space".  Oh, shades of high school and angry bullies.  While it was a little disconcerting (I'd just about got a handle on where all my tools were), he made a good case.  He works with disassembled horn parts and I work with papers.  One of us needs more room; the one who's not me.  I got his old workspace, which is more centrally located and has better lighting, so I'll call it win-win.  Especially because now I get to put the tools in places that I feel are "familiar". 

At some point, I'm going to make an inventory of the place.  I can feel it in my bones, because any business that contains a truckload of small moving parts and doesn't have an up-to-the-minute inventory control is asking for trouble.  There's a system, but I might be able to make it better.

The cold makes the doorbell ring at random intervals.  Since no one has a clear view of the door, someone always has to get up and look to verify that no one is there.  This is silly.

The internet hosting company is a joke.  I can't get a staff email yet because the account lists us as having -23 email accounts, with -5 available.  Yes, those are negative numbers, so the computer is literal enough to not make a new account when we're already in "account debt".  The humans on the other end are idiots, though, for ever allowing the number to ever fall into the negative.


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  1. At least you still have things you can do without an email address. It took a week for me to get mine (and keep in mind that to get my computer sign in I had to have email)so I couldn't do anything except look at databases.

    Good luck!