Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-Christmas in St. Louis

I've been visiting in St. Louis with my family.  My parents and youngest brother live there (in one place), as does my middle brother and his girlfriend.(in another).  It's nice to see them all again, though the unemployed ones all visited me in Kansas City just a couple of weeks ago for the final Fountain City concert of the calendar year.  Following that, my youngest brother stayed with me for a few days.  It was mostly so he could have the famous pizza from Minsky's, but we all pretend it was to hang out with me -- that helps preserve good feelings all around at this festive season.

I return to KC on Thursday for a whirlwind of activity, from acting as an instrument courier to uncoupling an HDMI cable to try to get my parents Netflix off their laptop and onto their television.  Oh, and there's a couple of religious services in there, too.  Got to keep the coffers full!  I get to dust off my tux for the first time since May '08, so that's fun.

After Christmas, there's a schedule of appointments to keep with friends and almost-family.  I'll be putting more miles on the car as I make my end-of-year appearance engagements.  Being popular is so demanding!  Why, just last week, I was asked for my autograph!  Of course, so was everyone else in the brass band and it was probably for a school project.... but I thought it was cool.

As befits this season of closeness, I reconnected with one of my oldest friends today.  In...second grade?  Third?  Anyway, he moved away before 6th grade, but it hasn't stopped us from reconnecting about every 10 years or so to say "hi".  He's back from spending 10 years off and on in China running his own business and I... umm... last month I re-laced my shoes, so I'm not doing too shabby either. 

More as I find time to sit and type.

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