Tuesday, December 01, 2009

FCBB on the BBC (but act ASAP)

Frank Renton, who I first met in his capacity as master of ceremonies for the U.S. Open brass contest, is a well-known figure in the British brass band world.  He's become a common sight to the Fountain City band, as we've crossed paths with him three times in the last month: first at the '09 U.S. Open, then as voice of Brass in Concert, and finally as an adjudicator at the Scottish Open.

In the evening following our Scottish Open gala concert, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow in the hotel bar who praised our trombone playing.  In the conversation that followed, he indicated that Frank has a radio show and that we were featured in the most recent episode.

Having immersed myself in the BBC's website prior to our tour, I quickly found a site for the radio show, Listen to the Band on BBC Radio 2.  Thanks to the generosity of the BBC, radio programs are available on demand to the entire world for seven days after they are broadcast.  This means that there's a short window of time when everyone can listen to the 30 minute show that features several pieces and interviews from the Fountain City Brass Band's performance at the Brass in Concert gala.

If you head to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wrvg, there will be a black button a quarter of the way down the page labeled "Listen Now".  Until Friday (U.K. time), that button will launch a stream of the radio program.  As always, Frank does a great job introducing and giving history about each of the pieces, turning the show into a nice exploratory experience.  I recommend it to anyone who has some time.

This program will expire sometime in the next three days, so future visitors to this entry won't be able to access it.  For archival purposes, it was the show from November 27, 2009.  Frank finishes out the show by mentioning that he'll be bringing more of FCBB in the new year, when he runs a few episodes of the Brass in Concert highlights.

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