Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheaper Shipping

I bought my new netbook computer from Amazon last week, and I chose to have it delivered via FREE shipping (taking 5-9 days) because that kept the cost well under $400.

On Sunday, I received an update from my package saying that it had placed itself in line and was now waiting. It's apparently still there. I picture Amazon's free shipping as trying to fly standby. There's my little package, waiting patiently while all the fancy first-class boarders go on ahead up the ramp. Eventually, the door shuts, many packages still clutching tickets and waiting. "Sorry, you'll all have to wait for the next flight." A general moan of disappointment is heard.

My package is in Fernley, Nevada. I'd never heard of it either. Apparently, it wasn't even a town (with a government, etc) until 2001. Prior to that, it was something called a "census-designated place", which sounds REALLY demeaning. You're not really anything, except that the census recognizes that quite a few of you live nearby to each other, so there's probably something going on there.

In 1999, Amazon.com built a 750,000 square foot "fulfillment" center there. After doing a little research, it turns out there's absolutely no prostitution that occurs there, so I think there's been a colossal misnaming.

The population density of Fernley was 93.2 per square kilometer in 2000, which makes it roughly as dense as Turkey.

Fernley is located in a "high desert" climate, so I can imagine my computer hanging out at the facility, desparate to stay in the air conditioning. Waiting for a flight. Or a truck.

I should send it an email.

"Dear ASUS,
Wish you were here."

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  1. Greetings from the high desert.

    There's plenty going on here.
    Even though main stream media and Lyon County itself ignores us except to collect our revenue. We produce most of it for the county.

    We're almost directly in between Reno NV and Fallon NV. Our city info guide has demographics, video and audio to find out more.

    Stop by and visit us online.
    We've got everything in one place to interact and find out what's happening in our invisible community. lol

    Don't stop at our main page - we've got over 1700 pages and video behind it.