Monday, December 22, 2008

You were nicer the first time we met for the first time!

I had a delightful night last night. I happened to run into a girl I've been interested in while at a party, and we talked and laughed and generally had an excellent "first date". She's pretty much everything I thought she'd be.

But that's to be expected and is actually the problem.

See, last night's excellent meeting and all the conversation and all the good vibrations were all a dream. I know, it's a rather sitcom plot line ("but it was all a dream!"). I was very disappointed this morning, much more so than the usual displeasure at leaving a nice dream.

I was disappointed because my sub-conscious took it upon itself to "fill in" what a first date would be like. I'm not worried those dreamlets will, in any way, infringe upon the actual experience, which I'm sure will be very different and distinct. What worries me is that my brain may have set me up for disappointment.

There was a story last week about a study that concluded that movies of the "Romantic Comedy" genre were somewhat detrimental to the health of relationships, creating impressions of unachievable standards of what relationships should be like. My sub-conscious may have done the same thing.

Usually, my dreams aren't distinguished by overly optimistic events. They're mostly mundane and straightforward, even to the point of brutality (especially concerning dreams about my poor teeth!). Friends and family who appear in my dreams behave like themselves; they don't suddenly become much more like I'd *wish* them to be. For example, I've had dreams where I invite people out for a party, but they can't make it, so I end up dreaming about myself staying home and puttering the night away. It's not all sunshine and rainbows.

The difference here is that I don't actually know this particular lady very well. That suggests to me that my brain may have had very little to work with and decided to get creative. That would be harmless, ordinarily: it's just a dream.

But will I be quietly dogged by the "first" meeting that went so well?

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