Wednesday, May 07, 2008

EDITED 5/8 Err...what's with the rating system?

EDIT 5/8: Blogger has removed the star ratings, making this post confusing. It turns out they're part of an upcoming optional feature which was mistakenly applied to the web coding for blogs at large. So, a big never mind!

I showed up at my blog this morning to see that little widgets involving a star-based system of rating posts have appeared. I don't know how they got there; they aren't an option I chose. Unlike most of the other things on this blog, there was no set of options to control them, remove them, or even interact with them.

I don't know that there's any way for me to get feedback from them, so I assume that they'll just quietly remain there, either being filled out or ignored, as posts slip of the front page.

Huzzah, Blogger? I'd appreciate it a lot more if I could have a nicer system of getting pictures into my blog. Formatting is sometimes an exercise in frustration, rather akin to having to spell things phonetically to get those old voice-synthesizer programs to pronounce your name right.

You may feel free to rate or not, as you see fit. If you really want to encourage or bring change, I recommend commenting, though; those get sent to me by email.

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