Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Facebook thinks about Mizzou (and KC)

I ended up on a cool facebook index page just now. It ranks the most-listed items in several catergories for everyone who is associated with the "Missouri" network. Contrary to the way this looks, the numbers reflect only those people affiliated with the University of Missouri-Columbia. I don't know why Facebook calls this "Missouri", but I suppose some group that's totally NOT like most of us needs to represent all of us. This is America, after all.

Of the top 10 films, I've seen one: Office Space. More than anything, this shows me one of two things (or possibly both at once): 1) I am not into popular movies and 2) people like me are underrepresented. The list seems to consist what I'll term "bus" movies. These are movies that invariably end up being displayed on long bus trips. Usually, there are several people who are ADAMANT that a particular movie is DEFINITELY the movie we should watch, no questions. Some small group may object, and the vast majority of people are wishing they weren't sitting in a bus. Alternatively, they're called AWESOME movies, because if asked whether they've seen it, the responses are either "haven't seen it", "I didn't care for it", or "it's completely awesome, how come you don't know that?"

Complete List is as follows:

1-Wedding Crashers
2-The Notebook
3-Old School
5-Fight Club
6-Boondock Saints
7-Office Space
8-Pulp Fiction
9-Garden State

The top ten books make me laugh. Number 1 is "Harry Potter", which I take to be any of the seven volumes. Number 2 is the Bible. Then (I'm sure) a big gap, and something called "Angels and Demons". Strangely enough, the books list has only 9 items, unlike the 10 found on all other lists. I hope that means that they just had a strange arbitrary cut-off, rather than it being an indication that only nine different books are mentioned on all profiles.

The most common policical affiliation is "None Listed". Setting aside the trouble of actually PICKING a choice, I think that percentage is probably true in general, as well. Next come "Liberal" and "Conservative", each with 15%. Not to be left behind, "Moderate" comes in a 14%. Then "Other" with 4%. I'm not sure what is classified as "other". Possibly people who are both Anarchist and Non-Conformist, so they don't want to fall into the "Very Liberal" catergory with the rest of their members.

Your zen problem for the day is that two percent chose "apathetic" as their affiliation. Is it true apathy if you still go to the trouble of self-identifying as a member?

The "Missouri" group has 37,959 members. Let's compare it with the "Kansas City" network for fun. "Kansas City" catches anyone who lists Kansas City as their city, as well as many of the surrounding zip codes. For instance, even though I don't live in Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri, I'm in with the KC group. Kansas City is a much larger sample of people, clocking in with 88,151 members.

The movie list is similar:

1-Wedding Crashers
2-The Notebook
4-Fight Club
5-Boondock Saints
6-Old School
7-Office Space
8-Super Troopers
9-Pulp Fiction
10-Dumb And Dumber

Once again, I've seen only "Office Space".

For politics, a whopping 61% have not chosen an option. Followed by 10% "Other". So apparently the largest group of respondants feel that the traditional political spectrum doesn't contain their views. 8% conservative, 7% moderate, 6% liberal.

The Bible achieves the most popular book slot, bumping Harry Potter to number 2. The number one music choice is "Country", and number two is "Rap". How interesting!

In case you were curious, single people are the largest group in both places.


  1. That's impressive. I hit the eject button about 15 minutes into The Notebook and returned it to Blockbuster. The other day I was asking if the strong beat in rap is on 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. (was doing a rap for elementary methods, heh) It was a mixed response, so I did a myspace search to discover 2 and 4 are generally correct. FYI.

  2. Tara, your comment increased my total rap knowledge by close to 100%. Learning something new for today = done!