Thursday, February 15, 2007

Saint Valentine's Day Wiseacre

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I know, I didn't get the memo either. I had flashes of V-Day awareness throughout the day, but they were few and far between. It passed much like any other day, except that I got a piece of candy from a grown-up.

I only really realized what day it was when one of my students said, "Happy Valentine's Day. Why aren't you wearing any red or pink?" This started a discussion of whether or not that was a more appropriate question for St. Patrick's Day (what with the green-less pinching), and my confession (much to her disbelief) that I didn't own any articles of pink clothing. I think I may have gone down a few pegs in her eyes as a result of confessing that shameful situation...

Anyway, several friends of mine over the years always get grumpy and feel great pangs of heartache and self-righteousness when February 14 rolls around. It's a completely split-purposed celebration. Those with significant others (on good speaking terms) enjoy some form of recognition (from each other) on the day. Most Valentine's gifts are recollections of the person you spend the better part of your leisure time with. It's a good way for people who normally get the short end of the stick to be recognized as important and significant. Even if only one day a year.

On the flip side, people without significant others seem to enjoy bemoaning this state. I've heard the day referred to as "Single Awareness" day, which I suppose means that the person was not really aware of it themselves until they had it thrust upon them by Hallmark and others.

I'm pretty sure that everyone who's mad about the day isn't happy about the situation they find themselves in. It doesn't really have anything to do with the poor people who might get wrapped up in someone's vitriolic attack on love and culture. People out of love tend to get grumpy, for some reason.

First of all, if you're not aware you're single (and you are), you've got problems. As a single person, I can verify the fact undeniably by looking at a few key locations;

1. my dirty dishes stay where I put them (on top of cabinets, under sinks, inside clothing drawers, etc)

2. there is only one single comb in my entire living space

3. when I mix plaid and stripes, people only laugh at me: they don't try to help and fuss

4. In the past year, the only flower I've purchased has been spelled "flour"

5. If I wake up in the morning and there's drool on the pillow, I have no one else to blame.

6. I can feel free to make plans at almost a moment's notice based on my availability, without waiting to compare against an equally complicated schedule.

Come to think of it, I was reminded I was single, but that had more to do with it being a Wednesday than a particular heart-affiliated commercial endeavor.


  1. Is Single's awareness day from me? I thought I made that up... heh :P

  2. you could always get a cat or a dog to blame these things on =P