Sunday, May 22, 2016

Unsought Questions

This flyer was posted on the cork-board in my mail room. I had a few thoughts in my brief seconds looking at it:

1. The company received a registered trademark for the phrase "It works!"

2. The company trademarked "crazy wrap thing."

3. There's a part of the design that says "Ask me how!" On a flyer. In a room. Without any people or contact information in sight. (To be fair, I didn't try to ask the flyer anything. Perhaps I should have!)

4. Whatever this is, I bet it's not fun.

5. The model, with her reasonably toned body, doesn't give me a very good picture of how this works. I assume it's something designed to constrain and tighten the motion of bits of one's person that move indecorously.

6. This has the marketers trick of showing you that the price is already LESS! In big red numbers! With the use of a coupon! That coupon comes from somewhere, I guess!

7. Also there's a coupon for trying it for free? A coupon for hosting a party? Maybe it's a different coupon than the one that gets you the RED NUMBER price?

I have questions. But I also have no interest, so my questions will be forever unanswered. There's probably a lesson in that, applying to life as we know it.

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