Monday, June 29, 2015

The E at the End Means Costumes

I spent all weekend at the KC Maker's Faire, and I came away with some thoughts:

1) I know why the Jedi Predator is there.

2) I don't know why so many people are wearing official Doctor Who shirts. Or maybe I do...

3) Having a booth selling T-shirts with internet memes obeys the letter but not the spirit of "making" things.

4) Corsets, apparently.

5) You're nobody without goggles, but only if they don't do anything and don't protect your eyes. Very important.

6) Having someone in Marvel-branded fetish gear describe their bygone days of trombone playing is never not strange.

7) No Telsa or Edison cosplay. But then, they have only themselves to blame for historically not having swords or laser pistols. Or corsets.

8) The Twinkee company was handing out entire free boxes of Twinkees. Not individuals or two-packs -- entire boxes. The arms of the fattest free-stuff grabber I saw held four boxes, which seemed appropriate. His female companion had two more.

9) A surprising number of children and adults will run up, ask "What's this?", put their mouth on something, and wander away before I can get any further than "Well, it's a..." 

10) Leaving at the end of the day and seeing a thirty-foot-long potato on a tractor trailer with signs proclaiming "It's Real!" when it was rather clearly NOT made of potato was an appropriate finale. I suppose it's "real" in the sense that it wasn't a figment of my imagination. 

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