Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 - Thirteen Things I Learned

Color tunnel

  1. All those photos of myself I've been taking are called "selfies." I don't like the word "selfie."
  2. Lots of people are unhappy in ways they could fix if they knew why they were unhappy.
  3. I'm disappointed that living according to the concepts and expectations that have been defined have left me sad.
  4. Snow is still among the best of things - coincidentally, we're expecting 2-4 inches today.
  5. There are some things I know and I feel that are worth keeping secret from everyone, especially myself.
  6. Nobody ever seems to mind if one brings chocolate and alcohol.
  7. Bringing food doesn't necessarily obtain a spot on the nice list.
  8. Nothing makes me feel more stupid that attempting to play tennis with someone who won't send anything back over the net except encouragement.
  9. One should always strive to love people when they need to be loved. But it is important to remember that love is often only a one-way street - remembering that will help to alleviate problems.
  10. Very few things make me feel old, but getting excited about the possibilities of love and then finding out it wasn't what I thought makes me feel old and tired.
  11. Nobody can ever really know the process involved in anyone's academic degrees. They're like extremely complicated magic spells that may or may not work.
  12. It is worth spending time - while others think you crazy - in order to determine what you know.
  13. It is always good to make a new cookie recipe.

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