Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Women and Men: Five Observations Each

It is always incredibly dangerous to generalize a group of people, more so when the group is 51% of the world population. But at the risk of misidentifying vast swaths of womenfolk and menfolk, here are some things I've observed. As with all observations, these may not match your experiences, or even match reality.

By and large, women are more likely:

1) to smell good.
2) to know where a tissue is at any given moment.
3) to have some form of pill on their person.
4) to prefer some other woman's hair to their own.
5) to have a ready answer to "what do you not like about yourself?"

By and large, men are more likely:

1) to respond with a definitive (though not necessarily correct) solution or opinion as a response to any piece of conversation that indicates a problem. See also "mainsplaining."
2) to have a ready opinion about food.
3) to be suspicious if a woman says she has an interest in the same thing they do.
4) to be color-blind, left-handed, and/or be a serial killer. These are not interrelated.
5) to describe a location by saying "go 6.7 miles east, then turn south for 2.3 miles. It's on the northeast corner."

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