Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moved to a Different Place

[I originally posted this to my another social media account, but I realized it would have just squatted there like an angry toad next to pictures of me and other friends looking happy. If I confine this to the blog, it will just vanish into the archives unless someone really looks for it, which is a better solution to ignorance of this kind: it should never be forgotten about, but it should be archived for proper study and occasional ridicule.] 

I'm even hiding it behind a jump, because I don't want to see it on my front page. I do think it's something I'll write about in the near future, because the concept of aggrieved heterosexuals is... interesting ground.

My DePaul psychology mentor would have a field day with this image. Dr. Heilizer would have shouted FALSE EQUIVALENCY so loud, it would've deafened astronauts on the space station.

If anyone doesn't understand why this concept just doesn't work, see me after class.

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