Monday, March 05, 2012

Isn't nostalgia strange?

I'm sitting in a restaurant that didn't exist when I first started my tenure at UMKC.  Well, the name and brand existed, but the old building that it inhabited was torn down years ago.  Now it's in a deserted firehouse which DID exist then, but had a fire department in it.  

Are you following me so far?

I'm also bogging, which I didn't do when I first came here.  And even weirder, I'm doing that on my phone.  Mostly as an experiment -- it isn't a satisfactory typing experience and it makes me long for a keyboard.  

I would be at the university, where I have access to chairs and computers, but they're notoriously stingy with the parking.  That is a perennial that has only gotten worse with the destruction of one of the main garages.

It is nice to sit here and enjoy a day: I get so little opportunity to do that nowadays. It's brought to me by the symphony having a strange split rehearsal across the afternoon and into the evening.  

So I'm betting on a 10:00 supper tonight.  10:30 if there is overtime.

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