Thursday, December 01, 2011

Best Buy things come to those who wait.

Dear Best Buy:

If you take my money for an order, tell me it should process in "0 to 1 days", then can't provide me with a status update or a cancel button on your web page six days later, I need to contact you.

If your automated phone service takes my order number then echoes that the order is "in process", then has the digital gall to tell me to get updated information at the web page, I spend several minutes ranting the silliness at a couple of my coworkers.

When I attempt to use the "email service" to contact you -- being careful to fill in all the information boxes marked with the * as required -- only to be told that the phone number (which had no * and is not required) actually IS required, then I take to the blogs to show your silliness to my wider circle of friends. 

Is this what comes after "Black Friday"?  Is one of the giant retail distributors completely stymied when I "put things in the cart" then inexplicably "buy things in cart"?  Worse still, I then expect to "receive things in cart" -- as though!

I'll be honest: I don't really need the thing I ordered.  It's an e-ink reader... and I've got lots of unread books at home.  If you updated my page to indicate that stuff is slow after Cybersgiving, I'd understand -- after all, I'm sure several metric stuffloads were sold last weekend. 

But when you show (and I quote) "1 item(s) - Order in process of being fulfilled; Usually ships in 0 - 1 days", it makes me think that you don't have your act together as much as Amazon or the Ohio hobby store I also ordered from last week.

And then I went to the customer service forums and see a bunch of complaints like mine.  Oh dear.

EDIT: [1:53pm] I just received an email that my item has shipped.  See, it pays to write about things on the internet.  Even if no one has had a chance to read them yet.

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