Friday, May 20, 2011

Hear me perform live on the internet!

Fountain City Brass Band is getting ready to depart on our European tour for this year.  As before, we time it so we can attend two competitions -- one right at the beginning of the time and the other just before we leave.  It was announced that the second competition, EuroBrass Drachten, will be streamed live over the internet.

Here's some useful information if you're interested.

This link shows the schedule of the bands in section "A" performing on June 4th (Central European time).  We won't know which of the bands we are until the draw, which happens at 5:20pm.  The first of the bands performs at 6:20, directly following the draw.  The last of the section A bands performs at 10:20pm. 

Central European time is 7 hours ahead of Central (U.S.) standard time.  That means that local to most mid-westerners, the draw is just after midnight (12:20am), the first band is at 1:20am, and the last performs at 5:20am.  I think I did my math right.  All these times would be in the early morning of June 5th.

So, while it is live, it's also not at a time that's not conducive to listening for any but the most isomnical or caffeinated.  Also, I think the stream is only audio, so you may have to wait through a lot of things not necessarily happening in English before hearing a group that might be us. There will eventually be a DVD and CD made available, so this isn't the only chance you'll get to hear (and later see!) our performance from this contest.

But for those of you eager to punish your mind and body by spending a night listening to random bands until you're able to identify us by our music choices, you now have the opportunity to do so at relatively little cost to yourselves!

The network that will be streaming is here:

The announcement on is here:

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