Sunday, December 05, 2010

Picking up slack

I return from the land of wind and ghosts!

It was nice to take a little bit of time away from the blog.  It allowed me to embrace the falling temperatures and allow that to buoy me back to my normal "nearly manic" levels of optimism and good humor.  I learned that there are some modern "pop-y" Christmas songs that I really dislike.  If I never hear "Wonderful Christmastime" again, I wouldn't miss it.  And now that I know Bob Geldof hates "Do They Know It's Christmas", I too can stand in line behind him.

Luckily, Pandora Internet radio has been my refuge, allowing me to get the seasonal music I like without the treacle.  Perhaps you may think I'm being a music snob, to which I say: duh.  Learning more about anything allows us to make more informed choices.  Those choices aren't any better than anyone else's per se, but they are certainly involving a lot more thought and experience.  Whether or not that should be a factor is ALSO a good question.  I don't think anyone else has poor taste for liking "War is Over" -- it just doesn't say "Christmas" to me.  Though what says "Christmas" to an agnostic is a bit of a stretch, in any case. 

We'll see if I have more time for updating heading into the busy holiday season.  I had a couple of gifts already picked out before December even arrived, which is a bit of a record for me.

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  1. The choirs of children sing their song
    They've practiced all year long
    Ding Dong Ding Dong...

    Instant classic!