Friday, November 12, 2010

How do I start a campaign to have dinner with Jon Stewart?

This evening has been lovely thus far. I listened to a British news quiz I enjoy, got to drink a ton of water to sooth my throat, and I watched the 50-minute interview between Rachel Maddow (one of my favorite political architecture experts) and Jon Stewart (one of my favorite modern political philosophers).

I think the effect of Jon Stewart on my process of critical thinking has been profound. In the spirit of that, I offer this feed of the entire interview. It's 50 minutes long, but I think it says a lot of interesting things. Among the more shocking is that two ostensible liberals can disagree so much about what they are each saying. I also find it incredibly stimulating that serious discourse can occur in long format. If this were the 1950's, this entire interview would have been broadcast as "the show". Today, it's available "web only".

I give it my highest recommendation: at least 5 "hmmm!" per hour. Please watch it if you have an interest in modern histrionic journalism, or the learned discussion of same.

Now it's time to dig in to John Waters' memoir. Such a night of pleasures!

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