Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No, it's not a word.

FRUS - ter - 'gray - tid, n.

1. A state of being in a colloidal system comprised of frustration and aggravation.  Characterized by a general feeling of dissatisfaction and grump, but without an obvious course of alleviation. 

I am frustergrated with my friends.  Not with them all as a collective let-down, but individually in varying degrees.  I'm smart enough to know that -- this being a unnatural state for me -- this is definitely something going on my head, as opposed to something coincidentally and simultaneously involving many of the people I know.  So while I'm not about to go door to door giving out advice like an unemployed talk show psychologist, I am allowing myself a period of time to sit at home, arms crossed, complaining to my fireplace tools, remote controls, and excess bed pillows.

So much of the current circumstances just set me off.

--  I've got slim patience for people who explain that something really significant has occurred during ordinary navel-gazing time and that NOW everything will be different.  Cast offs of shackles and what not.  Then, things return in less time then I have to comb my hair.  Guess the situation wasn't quite so dire as you made it out to be, eh?  Or is it that the great unknown bothers more than realized...

--  Trying to be pleasant in the face of someone I just don't like is difficult work.  And any introduction that includes phrases about "you may remember me in my immature days" in reference to last year makes me grind my teeth.

-- If your Facebook page states that you "left" the Republican party because they were enabling the "fascist communists", asking me to explain the ignored friend request will only make me sigh at you.

-- If you like a boy and never EVER said anything or showed anything because rejection might bodily injure you, you're complaining why your carriage without a horse doesn't go anywhere.  It doesn't matter if you're hideous (and none of you are), you'll get more out of the whole experience if you cut to the chase and talk to the object.  It will save a period of pining and hand-wringing.  It will also save you the embarassment and frustration over the wasted time spent waiting for a movie plot to happen.

--  If you're someone who can't be bothered to learn how the back and forth of conversation and showing interest works, please refrain from being shocked when I find talking at you to be tiresome.

-- I don't like being put in the middle, then prodded and egged on until I react.  This is not fun for me.  When used expressly to make some point to a third party, I also react unfavorably.  Do not be surprised at this, or you will be assigned extra scorn in the order in which you lined up.

--  If I seem reluctant to roll up my sleeves and party with you (and only you), it's most likely because something about you disturbs me.

--  Listening while being interested is not an invitation to romance.  Open mouth kissing IS such an invitation, sometimes.

--  Some people need to confront and "come out" to their families.  This is not in reference to homosexuality.

--  There is nothing quite so blink-worthy as when someone feels uncomfortable talking to me because "no one ever asked" for their opinions and thoughts, and are unsure "what to do".  And no -- in such a case, I am not crazy for asking.

11:00 on the third Tuesday of the month is a test of the emergency overload system.  In the event of an actual overload, I wouldn't have bothered to type anything.  Have a nice day.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated, Andy. I hope you feel differently soon.

  2. Oh, you know me. Everything will be fine after I've had some hot chocolate. As long as there are lots of marshmallows, otherwise the funk continues.

  3. There have been quite a few of these sorts of posts lately. Or maybe it just seems that way.


    If you can (though I don't know the circumstances), it seems you need to remove yourself from this (these?) situation(s). Get out of your head for awhile. Take a walk or eat ice cream. Chocolate ice cream, of course. It's medicinal.

    Good luck!

    (BTW, I'm getting really good at listening, so if you want to talk it out with a non-involved third party, I'm hear.)
    (Get it?)