Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off to Charlotte

I have a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow morning for the second in a continuing concert series put on by the Carolina district Salvation Army.

The series website is

All in all, the previous concert (last fall) was a good musical experience. The concert was a bit lengthy, but not when placed in the context of Wagner's "Ring" cycle. The quality of musicianship was excellent and I expect a similar level of performance this time around, despite a large portion of the group being "new", if one can say that of something that's only occured once before.

I forsee more Caronlina barbeque and lots of sweet tea, which the regional commander's wife referred to as the "house wine of the South". Personally, I was raised on plain-old tea, so I can't stomach this varietal. Anything that's somehow sweeter than soda with less taste is obviously the devil's handiwork.

They're flying us to Charlotte, which means I get to be in a crowded and enclosed space during a stage-5 pandemic alert. Twice. Let's hear it for being a musician! Time to practice coughing into my elbow.

I'll be back in KC on Monday, just before I start rehearsals on Mendelssohn's "Elijah". Should be good fun, and I may or may not get to use my kippah clipper again.


  1. Here's to face masks (is that what those little white mouth coverings with the elastic strap that goes around the back of the head that people wear to paint, mow, and avoid dangerous germs is called?) and hopefully not getting squished between two large people who like to use the WHOLE armrest. Good luck.

    Oh yea, and I hope you have fun, too ;)

  2. Alas that everything I've read suggests that the H1N1 flu particles are too small to be caught by a standard drugstore mask.

    So, I'll have to stick to eating absolutely heroic amounts of bacon, in the hopes that it grants me porcine disease immunity faster than I die of heart disease.