Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some unrelated pictures

I collect little images in a folder whenever they strike me as particularly interesting. None of these is related to any other, but it seemed about time to air a few out. The other reason I don't often do posts like this is because Blogger doesn't have the best or most intuitive engine for dealing with inserted pictures. One in the corner (my usual style) isn't that difficult. The problem is that Blogger thinks you want to add each and every picture to the upper right-hand corner. So each time, you have to drag it from there and painstakingly drop it where you think you want it. WYSIWYG has not yet arrived, it would seem.

Perhaps the combination of my of Christopher Walken and Transformers is running away with my emotions, but I can't help smiling when I see this image. It makes absolutely no sense, which is somewhat the modus operendi of humor relating to "The Internet". Him building a Transformer isn't really even FUNNY, but I think the absurdity crashes into my appreciation and creates a strange affinity for this shot. Since I have been informed by knowledgible sources that girls often find neither Transformers OR Christopher Walken particularly interesting, I may have discovered something about my social life.

Speaking of things I think are awesome, I give you this photo, which must be seen at full-size to be believed.

Every person in that photo is the same guy. There are seven distinct copies of him, but he had to pose for more than that, because of the "through the looking glass" photo that's being taken. Every time I think about two different cameramen taking a shot of each other that includes the OTHER photographer's picture, it makes my head spin in a wonderful way.


I hope that somewhere behind the photograph-taker is a sign for bikers saying "Watch for signs".

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  1. Holy Crap. I've been seeing that middle picture for years, but was always paying attention to the self reference in the pictures inside the picture, that I never noticed that every one of the dudes is the same dude.