Tuesday, November 11, 2008

50 Facts About Doctor Andy Barack Obama

I love the trivia posts that are found on blogs, where people reveal random information that we, their friends, may not realize.

And while Barack Obama isn't my friend (not even on MySpace), I did find a list of 50 interesting things about him, courtesy of the London Telegraph.

Full list is HERE.

Some of my favorites:

He won a Grammy for the audio recording of one of his memoirs, making him the first president so recognized.

He's left-handed, ensuring scads of "sinister president" comments through the next years on this and other self-important, overly pompous, and intellectual blogs.

He can speak Spanish, which is bound to be handy. It's kind of embarrassing to have our presidents jetting around speaking only English everywhere.

He's a smoker. This must be the modern equivalent of FDR's wheelchair: every journalist probably knows about it, but I've never heard it mentioned. He also promised Michelle he would quit before running for president, which adds something else to the list of things easier than stopping smoking: becoming a U.S. president.

His favorite book is Moby Dick, but he also collects Spiderman comics.

He doesn't drink coffee. I guess that means Starbucks will have to carry on without him on the publicity of their new drink, the Barakachino.

He took drugs like marijuana and cocaine while a teenager. Remember how much publicity Clinton and Bush got for their drug use (marijuana and alcohol, respectively)?

And he only repaid his student loans four years ago, after he signed a book deal. By that mark, I had better get busy having an amazing and unique life story.

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