Friday, September 05, 2008

Even nuns need to relax, I guess?

I was visiting a site that offers TV content on demand and it had a giant shifting board of little thumbnails of still captures from the shows. However, there was some serious programming problems: most of the stills had captions that were DEFINITELY not the show pictured.

I stumbled across a few that were hilarious. One showed a picture of the original "Transformers" animated show. There was Megatron, looking quite evil, captioned with "CSY: New York - Hostage". I confess I've never watched "CSI: New York", but I may have to if their is a giant evil robot in the cast.

There was the shot of Bob Denver, the titular character from "Gilligan's Island", captioned as "Exploring Mars". What a cruel twist of fate to have the castaways finally escape the island, only to have them end up (through navigation errors) on the Red Planet. Hang in there, guys! Oh, and bring sweaters.

The last one was the only one I could capture a screen shot of. It's a shot of a woman in a bikini, but she's in a documentary which explores just about the LAST place I'd expect to find a woman in a bikini. Perhaps you'll agree.

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